Sky’s Latest Celtic Game Snub Will Let Our Fans Give Money To A Fellow Club Rather Than A Greedy Broadcaster., James Forrest, on October 23, 2020 at 7:19 pm , on October 23, 2020 at 7:19 pm


When I heard the news today that Sky had opted not to show Celtic’s away match with Hibs next month, preferring to show Sevco’s home game against Aberdeen, I was neither surprised nor was I disappointed.

Sky has shown every away game the Ibrox club has played thus far; this will be the third time Celtic fans have had to go down the pay-per-view route.

And you know what? I’m happy enough to do it. Most Celtic fans I know are.

A lot of them don’t have Sky and have no intention of every paying the greedy EPL centric organisation what Fergus McCann called “one thin dime.”

To them, this is neither here nor there.

Frankly, many of us would prefer to give the cash to struggling SPL clubs, all the better to keep some of them afloat, than hand it over to a greedy corporation which has done the sum total of nil for our game since this crisis began, except make threats to sue the national association for the games which were missed when the health crisis cut short the last campaign.

Sky’s treatment of football fans has been reprehensible these past few months.

Their PPV deal with English football charges supporters who’ve already bought season tickets exorbitant rates to watch their teams play at home.

Their contempt for Scottish football is a fact of life that we all deal with every time we watch one of their games.

No, Hibs will probably charge around £15 for the pay-per-view game, which is less than the cost of a ticket to go to Easter Road, and which a multi-member household call all comfortably chip in for.

For those who still pay a regular Sky subscription, it should be further food for thought in a season that has given us plenty of it already.

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